Before we wrote the book.
After (with Dad): You be the judge.

Lynda Weinman is a writer, designer, animator, teacher, and mom. She lives in southern California with her daughter, her daughter's numerous pets, her husband Bruce (who painted the wonderful book cover to this and Lynda's other books), and her dad. She writes for a lot of magazines, lectures at a lot of schools and conferences, and writes a lot of books. Oh yeah, in her alleged free time she updates her web site:

William E. Weinman is a musician, electronics engineer, programmer, writer, father, son, husband, and abuser of commas. Bill was born under the sunny skies of Hollywood, California, sometime in the Eisenhower administration, to the cheers and cries of Carolyn and Donald Weinman while the Brooklyn Bums finished out their final year at Ebbet's Field by losing yet another World Series to the Bronx Bombers before moving west to grow up in the same town as your humble co-author. (The Dodgers are 21-1 for games in which Bill Weinman has been in attendance.) Bill now lives in Dallas, Texas (The Dodgers haven't won a single game since he left the southland), with his wife and partner Lee Harrington, stepdaughter Megan, and cats Max and Brooke, and Jeeter. His son , David, live sin Hawaii (the surfing is not very good in Dallas). If all the intervening electrons are doing there job, you can find Bill's web site at (wouldn't it be neat if you could click on a book?).