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About the
Ducks In A Row

The Ducks In A Row web site (http://www.ducks.htmlbook.com) was designed for the educational purpose of this book. The rubber stamp company is real and is owned by Mainway, Inc. The Ducks In A Row artwork on the <chd.2> CD-ROM can be used for the exercises in this book only. You may post this artwork to the web in the context of following our exercises, but you may not freely distribute this art or resell the artwork in any form or manner. Hint: If you like Joan's artwork, she is an independent illustrator and will be happy to consider any projects you might want to hire her for. Her artists representative for national/international advertising campaigns and private commissioned fine art:

Vicki Prentice Associates Inc.
630 5th Avenue
20th floor
Rockefeller Center, NY NY 100111
fax - 212.332-3401